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History of The Founders Club

A number of early chemicals were born out of the pre-World War II chemical effort produced by refineries and early chemical companies; hence the term "petrochemicals".  Notable examples include isopropyl alcohol and lube oil pour point depressants from the Standard Oil Company of New Jersey, tetraethyl lead from Ethyl Corp., ethylene from Shell Oil, and halogenated hydrocarbons from The Dow Chemical Company.

The Founders Club was established in 1981 by a group of petrochemical industry executives who led the development of the petrochemical industry, particularly in the United States, from such modest beginnings. These industry leaders participated in the establishment of the American Fuel & Petrochemical Manufacturers (AFPM) previously known as NPRA which ultimately generated the International Petrochemicals Conference (IPC) as a separate identity within AFPM. The Founders Club proudly advances the legacy we inherited from these "founders" as contributing stewards of the petrochemical industry.

We look forward to advancing both the opportunities and the recognition for the petrochemical industry as well as for the individual members who have distinguished themselves over the years.


Past Presidents of The Founders Club

Bruce  Macklin 2015 - 2019

Jerry Law 2007-2015

Robert Kennedy  2002–2007      

Alan Rowe 1996-2002       

Tom Moran 1983–1996









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